Research-Led Peace Education As Crisis Prevention In Central Africa

Peace education has the potential to fashion novel ways for children to cope with violent conflict. Rwanda has pioneered the incorporation of Peace and Values Education (PVE) into the national high school curriculum. This project draws on humanities and social science research by Rwandan scholars to analyze the impact of this PVE intervention, exploring how teaching materials can enable critical discussions and its value for similar PVE interventions in the Central African Republic (CAR). Building on a long-term collaboration among the Aegis Trust, King’s College London and SOAS, this work contributes to understanding how peace education can form part of a crisis prevention approach to ongoing, protracted and structurally embedded violence.

Activities and Publications

Policy Report – Research-led Peace Education as Crisis Prevention

In 2015 Rwanda adopted a ground-breaking Competence-Based Curriculum. Peace and Values Education (PVE) was incorporated in this curriculum as a cross-cutting issue ‘mainstreamed’ across different subjects.1 This approach is consistent with a broader trend that has seen the centring of education as a conflict prevention strategy.2 The pedagogical potential in peace education is widely and increasingly recognised.3 In an ideal form, peace education seeks to redress direct, structural and cultural forms of violence by equipping learners with “knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours, and worldviews that promote the culture of peace.”4 In practice, peace education inevitably encounters many of the underlying struggles, tensions, contestations and divisions that fuelled the direct violence.5 Understanding how PVE can engage with this socially sensitive material and whether humanities and social science research can support this teaching is key to determining whether peace education can fashion novel ways for young people to cope with violent conflict and be an active part of conflict prevention

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